-About A Boy-


The adult that spends most of his time resting upon the laurels of his deceased father’s fortune made from a successful song. His character is perhaps the most obviously different when comparing end to beginning, with his aversion to responsibility being dashed almost completely when Marcus latches onto him.

His carefree and increasingly manipulative ways are forced to be sacrificed when he realises that what he likes most in life is worth more than his freedom from care


‘For some years now Will had been convinced that it was possible to get through life without having to make yourself as unhappy in the way that John and Christine were making themselves unhappy’


‘It struck him that how you spent Christmas was a message to the world about where you were in life, some indication of how deep a hole you had managed to burrow for yourself’


‘Because . . . most of us think that the point is something to do with work, or kids, or family, or whatever. But you don’t have any of that. There’s nothing between you and despair, and you don’t seem a very desperate person’


‘Will had lost his shell and his cool and his distance, and he felt scared and vulnerable, but he got to be with Rachel’


‘In fact, he had reached a stage where he wondered how his friends could juggle life and a job. Life took up so much time, so how could one work and, say, take a bath on the same day? He suspected that one or two people he knew were making some pretty unsavoury short cuts’


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