-A Taste of Honey-

Act 2

Act 2 is set several months later .


Jo is now pregnant and her boyfriend has not returned, neither has her mother Helen. Jo returns to the flat from a funfair with Geof (an art student who she lets sleep on her sofa).


He claims he’s no longer at his previous accommodation because he wasn’t paying his rent, but Jo suspects it was for a different reason. 


Geof is cares for Jo and wants to be there for her. A month later Jo is deeper into pregnant. She’s lost her confidence. 

Geof asks her to marry him, she rejects this. 


Helen enters and as has been contacted by Geof about Jo’s pregnancy. Jo guesses that Geof has told her mother and this upsets her as she doesn’t want Helen to know or be there. 


The mother daughter duo have a disagreement, Geof attempts to calm the situation but is attacked. 


Peter enters drunk and angry , he notices that Helen has left money for Jo and he takes it back before leaving. Helen follows him, despite this , it’s an important moment as she’s shown genuine concern for the health of her daughter for the first time.


Jo is near to her water breaking , whilst Geof is home cleaning. Helen enters with all of her suitcases. We learn that Peter has kicked her out. 


Helen is rude to Geof which causes him to go out for groceries to avoid being around Helen. 


Helen tells Jo she just wanted him gone that is why she was rude to him. Jo defends Geof, but eventually allows her mother to put her to bed where she falls asleep. 


Geof enters and tells Helen that he is leaving, and to say it nicely to Jo. Jo wakes up and asks if Geof has returned. 


Helen says no but doesn’t tell her , he plans on not coming back. Jo tells Helen that her baby will be black. Which causes Helen to go get a drink even though Jo has just begun to have labour.


Jo is once again alone as she recites a song Geof had spoken to her previously as the play ends.

A Taste of Honey

A Taste of Honey is the first play by the British dramatist Shelagh Delaney written when she was only 19 years old. It was intended as a novel, but she turned it into a play because she hoped to revitalise British theatre and address social issues that she thought were not being presented.

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