-Of Mice and Men-


Candy is an old handyman who lost his hand in a ranch accident and is kept on the payroll. Although called Candy he is often referred to as Sometimes called ‘the swamper’. He’s afraid that he will eventually be fired when he can no longer do his chores, he convinces George to let him join their dream of a farm because he can bring the necessary money to the scheme. He owns an old sheep dog that will become a symbol of Lennie before the novel ends.


‘A guy on a ranch don’t never listen nor he don’t ast no questions’

‘I ought to of shot that dog George I shouldn’t ought to of let no stranger shoot my dog’

‘I ain’t got no relatives or nothing’

(Steinbeck on authority ): ‘Candy looked a long time at Slim to try to find some reversal’

‘When they can me here I wisht somebody’d shoot me.’

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