-Juno and The Paycock-

Captain Jack Boyle

Jack Boyle is the ‘Paycock’ (peacock) in the play’s title. He was nicknamed this by his wife Juno.  He refuses to look for work, complaining of pains in his legs when anyone suggests he applies for a job. He’s seen as deluded and selfish. He calls himself a captain and frequently mentions stories of his seafaring days, but in fact he was only once on a vessel. 

He ends the play drunk and nearly penniless, no different than how he was when the play began, despite his expected inheritance.


‘I’ll have no breakfast – yous can keep your breakfast…. I’ve a little spirit left in me still’


“Today, Joxer, there’s goin’ to be issued a proclamation be me, establishin’ an independent Republic, an’ Juno’ll have to take an oath of allegiance” 


‘I’m telling you… Joxer… th’ whole worl’s… in a terr… ible state o’ …chassis!’


The Paycock of the play, lazy and doesn’t take any responsibility. 

Known as “Captain” although he has only sailed once.

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