-Coram Boy-

Meshak Gardiner

The son of Otis Gardiner that is tasked by his father to dispose of the younger infants his father takes from desperate mothers under the false pretences of having them delivered to the Coram Foundling Hospital. Though he does obey his father’s orders, he does not follow them happily, finding himself constantly traumatised by the sounds of the children he must kill. 

Eventually, after finding out that the baby he must drown, Aaron, is the son of Melissa, his secret love, he cannot do as told and instead delivers the young boy to the hospital. After his father is supposedly hanged for his crimes, he goes by the name ‘Mish’ and makes routine visits to Aaron in order to check up on him. 


When Aaron begins to become exceptional at music and is spotted by a composer that brings him into contact with Alexander, he panics and takes the boy and runs off. After falling into the clutches of Phillip, they are sold to a slaver. Aaron is saved by Alexander but Meshak is carted off to another continent, bound to then die of old age. 



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