Leah and Phil

Leah and Phil are an inseparable couple in which one never leaves or enters the stage on their own. They are defined by sound and silence. Leah is has long monologues whereas Phil is always silent towards her. When among other characters, Phil speaks and viewed as powerful voice of authority he seems to lack emotion.




Stage Direction : PHIL goes back to staring at nothing.


You’ll land on Adam’s corpse and you’ll rot together


I’m in charge. Everyone is happier. What’s more important, one person or everyone?





Did you know that they’ve put Brian on medication?


Phil? Any… any thoughts? Any words, any comments, any… ideas, any, any, any…thing? At all?


A chimp’ll just find itself on the outside of the group and before he knows it’s happening it’s being hounded to death by the others, sometimes for months.


Do you think we’re doomed to behave like people before us did?


If you can change one thing, you can change the world.


You need me as much as…


It’s Adam, Phil, Adam! We used to go to his birthday parties, he used to have that cheap ice cream and we used to take the piss, remember?

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