-The Sign of Four-

Dr John Watson

The narrator of the novel and one of the few friends of Holmes. We see him as a man of above-average intelligence, though constantly cast into shadow by his companion, and also of similar moral fiber to Sherlock. He is more openly emotional than Holmes and may lack the meticulously ingenious ability to make logical reasoning out of seeming chaos, but he is nonetheless loyal, determined, and considerable. 


“So we stood hand-in-hand, like two children, and there was peace in our hearts for all the dark things that surrounded us.” 


“A wondrous subtle thing is love, for here were we two, who had never seen each other before that day, between whom no word or even look of affection had ever passed, and yet now in an hour of trouble our hands instinctively sought for each other”


“My sympathies and my love went out to her, even as my hand had in the garden. I felt that years of the conventionalities of life could not teach me to know her sweet, brave nature as had this one day of strange experiences. Yet there were two thoughts which sealed the words of affection upon my lips. She was weak and helpless, shaken in mind and nerve. It was to take her at a disadvantage to obtrude love upon her at such a time. Worst still, she was rich.”


“Why should you, for a mere passing pleasure, risk the loss of those great powers with which you have been endowed?” 


“You really are an automaton – a calculating machine. There is something positively inhuman in you at times.” 


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