-A Streetcar Named Desire-

Eunice Hubbell

Eunice Hubbell is the Wife of Steve and the owner of the apartment building. Both her and Steve represent the lower-class life that Stella has chosen. She is helpful, offering Stella and Blanche shelter after Stanley beats Stella. She does this as she is also abused by Steve, so she understands how Stella feels. 

At the end of the play, when Stella hesitates to stay with Stanley at Blanche’s expense, Eunice forbids Stella to question her decision, and tells her to stay with Stanley. She explains that she has no choice but to disbelieve Blanche.


‘You can’t beat on a woman an’ then call ‘er back! She won’t come! And her goin’ t’ have a baby! . . . You stinker! You whelp of a Polak, you! I hope they do haul you in and turn the fire hose on you, same as the last time.’

‘I always did say that men are callous things with no feelings, but this does beat anything. Making pigs of yourselves.’

‘Don’t ever believe it. Life has got to go on. No matter what happens, you’ve got to keep on going.’

‘You done the right thing, the only thing you could do. She couldn’t stay here; there wasn’t no other place for her to go’

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