Brabantio’s brother. He and Lodovico find Cassio wounded after Roderigo stabs him in the drunken brawl.


‘Tis some mischance; the cry is very direful.’

‘Here’s one comes in his shirt, with light and weapons.’

‘This is Othello’s ancient, as I take it.’


‘I am to find you thus: I have been to seek you.’

‘What, of Venice?’

‘Know him! ay.’

‘I am glad to see you.’


‘Some good man bear him carefully from hence;’

‘I’ll fetch the general’s surgeon….’

‘What is the matter?’

‘Tis a strange truth.’

‘Poor Desdemona! I am glad thy father’s dead:’

‘Thy match was mortal to him, and pure grief…’


‘Your sword upon a woman?’

‘The woman falls; sure, he hath kill’d his wife.’

‘He’s gone, but his wife’s kill’d.’

[Within] ‘If thou attempt it, it will cost thee dear:’

‘Thou hast no weapon, and perforce must suffer.’

‘Torments will ope your lips’

‘All that’s spoke is marr’d.’

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