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If the page glitches simply refresh the page and it will fix, we are working to fix an appearance based glitch as we speak.

To Find your chosen content simply use the search bar located in the top right corner.

Search for the name of the book, play or other , using the name home after it. As it will take you to it’s own individual homepage.

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Search for analysis, quotes, scenes, chapters, characters or stories by using the search bar. If it doesn’t appear try searching something different and it might link to it . E.g searching Jay Gatsby to find The Great Gatsby page.

Click the icons in the menu bar for ‘about us’ , the membership icon is currently disabled ( tree icon) but will be back soon, the book icon and world icons will also be back up soon as they are currently disabled.

Click the Blog button to find out about recent updates and new books added to the site as we’re always adding content.

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