-Henry V-

Act 2 Scene 4

King Charles the Sixth of France tells his dukes Berri and Bourbon, as well as his son the Dauphin, to go to the garrisons and make sure France is well defended against Henry. The Dauphin says it is a good idea, but that it is also unnecessary because Henry is an idle king who acts more like a youth. The Constable explains to the Dauphin to be quiet because he is mistaken about Henry’s real personality.

Charles decides that it is smarter to prepare a strong defence rather than risk Henry being too strong. He is afraid of replicating the outcome of the battle of Crecy, where Prince Edward of Wales defeated the French on their own territory. A messenger interrupts Charles’ speech and states to him that Exeter has arrived as an ambassador from King Henry. King Charles orders Exeter to be brought before him.


Exeter explains to Charles that Henry demands the throne of France, and wants Charles to willingly give up the crown or be responsible for the bloodshed that will occur. Charles tells Exeter that he will give him a response the following day. Exeter has a message for the Dauphin, and tells the young prince that Henry scorns him for his joke and will make him pay for it. Exeter lastly informs the court that Henry has already landed on French soil and that Charles should give him a response immediately.

Plot Summary

After a verbal exchange from the French Dauphin, King Henry V of England invades France to claim the throne he thinks should be his. Henry halts an assassination plot, gives powerful speeches, and wins many battles against the odds. By the end, he impresses and marries the Princess of France, therefore linking the two nations.

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