-Henry V-

Act 4 Scene 7

Fluellen and Gower are outside Henry’s pavilion debating the decisions that Henry has made throughout the play. Fluellen compares Henry to Alexander the Great and draws a long comparison between the two men and the places where they were born. Fluellen mentions that Alexander killed his friend Cleitus in anger, which causes Gower to interrupt him and says, ‘Our King is not like him in that. He never killed any of his friends’ .Fluellen tells Gower not to cut him off prematurely, and then points out that Henry turned away Sir John Falstaff.

King Henry enters with his army and the new French prisoners including Bourbon and Orleans. Henry informs his herald that he was not angry before but he is now because some horsemen are standing on a hill refusing to attack the English but also refusing to retreat. He demands that the Herald to inform that they should vacate the field or he will kill off all of the prisoners.

Montjoy enters at that moment and begs permission from Henry to allow the French to organise their dead and separate the noblemen from the common soldiers. Henry tells him that he doesn’t know if he has won yet since the horsemen are still riding around the battlefield. Montjoy tells him that he has conquered the French army and that the castle located nearby is Agincourt. Henry then declares the battle to have taken place on the field Agincourt, thereby naming the battle.

Fluellen mentions that Henry’s ancestor Edward the Black Prince won a valiant battle in France as well. Henry agrees, Fluellen then tells Henry that at the time the Welsh fought in a leek garden and put leeks into their hats (a symbol that is still a sign of a Welsh soldier). He lastly praises Henry as his king and tells him that he will never be ashamed of him.

Williams enters with Henry’s glove in his cap and Henry orders Exeter to fetch him. He questions Williams on why he is wearing a glove, and Williams tells him that he has a feud to settle with the owner. Henry then demands Williams go fetch Captain Gower and bring him. Upon Williams leaving, Henry hands Fluellen the glove he received from Williams and tells him to wear it in his hat. He further gives instructions that Fluellen should arrest any man that challenges him on account of the glove. He sends Fluellen to fetch Gower as well, knowing that Fluellen and Williams will meet each other. Henry tells Warwick and Gloucester what he has done, and orders them to follow Fluellen and prevent him from harming Williams.

Plot Summary

After a verbal exchange from the French Dauphin, King Henry V of England invades France to claim the throne he thinks should be his. Henry halts an assassination plot, gives powerful speeches, and wins many battles against the odds. By the end, he impresses and marries the Princess of France, therefore linking the two nations.

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