-Henry V-

Act 4 Scene 8

Williams enters with Gower, he explains to Gower that King Henry wants to see him in order to knight him. Fluellen soon arrives and Williams, upon seeing the glove, challenges Fluellen by hitting him. Fluellen labels him a traitor and orders Gower to stand aside so he may arrest Williams. Warwick and Gloucester enter and ask what the problem is. Henry appears with Exeter, and Fluellen hands Williams over to Henry.

Henry matches up the two pairs of gloves and tells Williams that he was the man whom Williams promised to hit. He makes Exeter fill the glove with crowns and give it Williams, whom he tells to wear it in his cap. Williams is frustrated by this.

Fluellen encourages Williams to take the money, although whether he does is unknown. A messenger enters and gives Henry a list of the French deaths. Henry explains to his men that he believes over ten thousand French soldiers have died, to his knowledge a large number of whom were high ranking nobility.


He is handed another piece of paper listing the English deaths, which only lists four men of high rank and twenty-five common soldiers. He orders them to go to the village and allows Fluellen to explain to the soldiers how many French they killed.

Plot Summary

After a verbal exchange from the French Dauphin, King Henry V of England invades France to claim the throne he thinks should be his. Henry halts an assassination plot, gives powerful speeches, and wins many battles against the odds. By the end, he impresses and marries the Princess of France, therefore linking the two nations.

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