-Philadelphia Here I Come-

Part 3

Public singing in bed, while Private sits nearby. Private encourages Public to get back to work , which he does.

He suggests to Public that he’d make a wonderful President of the United States. Public contemplates this, but  decides ultimately that he would not.

Private suggests other roles he could pursue from : the Chairman of General Motors, to the Boss of the Teamsters’ Union, Hollywood.

Public isn’t interested.

Private has an idea and suggests he could become a senator. They think about Gar testifying against Senator Doogan.

They hear someone approaching, Public and Private deliberate who it could be but it’s Madge in the kitchen.

Public returns to packing his bags, pulling out his immigration documents from a drawer. They act out Gar going through customs, with $80 to his name and sponsorship papers from his Uncle Con and Aunt Lizzy.

They read a letter from Lizzy which details his accommodations and explains that he will be working at the Emperor Hotel for a man who is half-Irish and half-Greek.

Lizzy’s letter makes Public remember of Kate’s wedding announcement, Private tells him to immediately stop thinking about it.

In the next flashback, we are shown the day when Lizzy, Con and Ben Burton came to Ireland to visit.

They are all in their late 50s, with Burton who’s American. Lizzy explains  about when she was young, where she mentions Maire (Gar’s mother).

Lizzy tells Gar about Ben, a friend they met from their time in the United States in 1937. Ben offered them an apartment and some money when they first moved, they tell Gar.

Lizzy returns to the story,

Now halfway through the story, she wonders why S.B. won’t meet with her.

Con reminds her that S.B. is at Kate Doogan’s wedding. They laugh and joke, which is followed by Madge entering.  She clearly disapproves of the guests. Con questions Gar if he should consider taking the job in America, and Lizzy encourages him to come over, as he is her only nephew and the son of her sister, Maire.

Ben and Con attempt to get Lizzy to finish her story on the day of Maire’s wedding.

However Lizzy ends up crying, when she’s reminded of all of her siblings’ deaths.

Con and Lizzy inform Gar about their apartment and the money they have made in America.

Gar suggests that he should go to America, a surprise to Private. He embraces him and calls him her son.

Now in the present, Private questions Public if he worries that living with Lizzy will make him become softer.

Public goes to call for Madge and Private suggests that perhaps he shouldn’t go. Gar puts on his coat and he goes off to say goodbye to his friends.

S.B. enters and Madge moans at him for not keeping his fake teeth in in whilst being in her presence.

Madge begins to cry about all the work she has to do, showing signs of other frustrations.

She exits and S.B. appears shocked at the audience.

He tries to read the paper, but he cannot read.

Philadelphia Here I Come

Fed up with the dreary round of life in Ballybeg, with his uncommunicative father and the humiliating job in his father’s grocery shop, with his frustrated love for Kathy Doogan who married a richer, more successful young man and with the total absence of prospect and opportunity in his life at home, Gareth O’Donnell has accepted his aunt’s invitation to come to Philadelphia. Now, on the eve of his departure, he is not happy to be leaving Ballybeg.

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