Larry LaSalle

The man who runs the Wreck Centre of Frenchtown and, because of that, a hero to the children who join. He manages to draw the best out of his students but, when the bombing of Pearl Harbour occurs, he enlists to seek revenge. When he returns to Monument, he appears different though still has his charisma. 


However, it is shown that he is burdened with a sinister side as he exploits Nicole, raping her, whilst Francis hides frozen in the shadows. When Francis finally meets him when he returns to Frenchtown again, Larry recognises his sins and pleads with Francis to not murder him as he will commit suicide instead. 


‘Go, Francis. Leave me here. Leave everything here, the war, what happened at the Wreck Centre, leave it all behind with me’


‘Does that one sin of mine wipe away all the good things?’


‘He tamed the notorious schoolyard bully, Butch Bartoneau, convincing him that he could sing’


‘I could picture him … rifle in hand, bayonet fixed, grenades dangling from his belt, pumping bullets into the enemy’


‘No more dancing for me, Francis. No more sweet young things. No more anything’

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