-The History Boys-


The General Studies teacher who believes that exam preparation is the enemy of education. He wants the boys to learn information and skills that will benefit their development as men. Hector is married to a woman but he is a closeted homosexual. He often takes his male students for rides on his motorcycle, during which he fondles their genitals. He has been teaching for a many years and consequently becomes 

 bitter about his profession.


‘I am your teacher. Whatever I do in this room is a token of my trust. I am in your hands. It is a pact. Bread eaten in secret.’


A verbal fig leaf


If, heaven forfend, I was ever entrusted with the timetable, I would call these lessons A Waste of Time”


Mrs L on Hector – ‘his somewhat unexpected wife’


Headmaster to Hector – ‘I’m assuming your wife doesn’t know?’


I count examinations even for Oxford and Cambridge as the enemy of education.”


SHUT UP, you mindless fools. What made me piss my life away in this god-forsaken place? Theres nothing of me left.”


‘your Cheat’s VISA’ ‘the footings of your CV’ (Saying that it is the least important part of your CV and should go at the bottom as an extra. Also, it is how a cheat gets through life simply by showing off his qualifications and not having a truly enriched education


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