-The History Boys-

Other Characters



Posner is a Jewish boy and the youngest student in his sixth-form class. He is gay and has a crush on Dakin. He drops out of Cambridge . He is also the only one of Hector’s students who truly remembers everything Hector ever taught him.



Dakin is the most confident and handsome boy in his class. Posner is known to have a crush on him, but Dakin does not return his affections. Dakin has an affair with Fiona ( the Headmaster’s secretary). He also manages to seduce Irwin.  He later works as a ‘tax lawyer, telling highly paid fibs and making frequent trips to the Gulf States’




Timms is the class clown. After graduating, he goes on to own a chain of dry-cleaners and abuse recreational drugs on the weekends.




Crowther has clear acting skills and ability. He becomes a magistrate.




Rudge comes from a working-class background and isn’t one of the smartest in his class his teachers expect him to get into Oxbridge. To their surprise he does, however he chooses to become a builder who makes homes that are affordable for first-time buyers.




Lockwood is an argumentative student who eventually becomes a magistrate.



Akthar is a Muslim student of unspecified South Asian descent. He eventually becomes a headmaster.



The is the Headmaster’s secretary with whom Dakin has an affair. She is mentioned but never appears on stage.




“Nobody thinks I have a hope in this exam. F*** ’em”


“Mr Irwin is more….free range?


“History is just one f***ing thing after another




there was a contract between him and his class


‘It’s locked against the future, sir




‘She’s my Western Front’


The Hun, if i may so characterise the fair Fiona”




Mr. Hector’s stuff’s not meant for the exam, sir. It’s to make us more rounded human beings


No tits




“Im a Jew. I’m small…I’m f**


‘I am not supposed to understand’

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