-The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time-

Mother ( Judy Boone)

The mother of Christopher’s, it is told to us very early on that Christopher’s mother died two years ago , due to a problem with her heart, and Christopher didn’t visit her at the hospital. However Christopher later discovers letters from his mother in his father’s room, he concludes that his father was actually lying. He finds his mother, who is living with Mr. Shears. By the end Judy moves back to Swindon and Christopher is lives with her.


Mother had hit me sometimes because she was very hot-tempered person, which means that she got angry more quickly than other people and she shouted more often”.


If i hadn’t married your father i think id be living in a farm house in the local south of France with someone called Jean. And he’d be, ooh, a local handyman. 

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