Winston’s love-interest and ally, who like Winston works in the Ministry of Truth. She is against the Party’s doctrines, but she merely wants to break the rules, not change the society. She also claims to have had affairs with many Party members.


Her first words to Winston, written down on a piece of paper passed to him in the hall: ‘I LOVE YOU’

Julia is explaining to Winston how she maintains her disguise of Party respectability. This disguise initially led Winston to hate and distrust Julia: ‘I was a troop-leader in the Spies. I do voluntary work three evenings a week for the Junior Anti-Sex League. Hours and hours I’ve spent pasting their bloody rot all over London’

Julia explaining why she loves Winston: ‘It was something in your face. I thought I’d take a chance. I’m good at spotting people who don’t belong. As soon as I saw you I knew you were against THEM’

The old bit of newspaper that he once saw, which provided the Party lies about history, both Julia and Winston fear death as a punishment: ‘I’m quite ready to take risks, but only for something worth while, not for bits of old newspaper’

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