-Juno and The Paycock-

Juno Boyle

Juno Boyle is Jack Boyle’s wife. She was given her nickname because of the many momentous occasions which occurred in June( she was born and christened in June, met her husband in June, married in June, and gave birth to her son Johnny in June).  

Juno refers to the sister and wife of Jupiter in Roman mythology, the goddess of marriage and love. She is the only member of her family who is working, since Boyle is unemployed, Mary is on strike, and Johnny is injured, and she acts as a kind of martyr who keeps her family afloat.


Ah, what can God do agen the stupidity o’ men!


Oh, he’ll come in when he likes; struttin’ about the town like a paycock.”


When the employers sacrifice wan victim, the Trades Unions go wan betther be sacrificin’ a hundred.


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