-Blood Brothers-


Linda was the neighbour of Mickey, and ends up being the love interest of both brothers. Eddie likes Linda, but Mickey also likes her. In the end, Linda ends up with Mickey, pregnant and married. Only to cheat on Mickey, with Eddie. Which leads to all the characters downfalls.


(Act 1- The first time we are introduced to Linda she is with Mickey): ‘Mickey and Linda are in one gang, Sammy in another’

(Act 1 – Linda always takes it upon herself to help and protect Mickey): ‘Linda moves in to protect Mickey’

(Act 2 – Linda stands up for Mickey):Oh, leave him alone, you. Y’ big worm!’

(Act 2 – Linda takes up the role of Mrs Johnstone, warning Mickey that he will be late: ‘Mickey, Mickey, come on, you’ll be late..’

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