-Lord Of The Flies-

Chapter 4

By now, most of the boys have become accustomed to their island life, with mornings spent in play and afternoons in sleep and rest. Some are finding themselves concerned over images they see on the water but Piggy reassures them of the existence of mirages. The younger ones, or ‘littluns’ as the older boys have began to call them, spend most of their time playing and eating. 

Their diet of fruit gives them various ailments but life is relatively decent. Some of the older boys, however, use their age to pick on those younger. Roger, an older youth, stomps on a smaller boy’s sandcastle and even throws rocks at another, though he doesn’t actually hit them. 


Jack’s obsession with killing the pig motivates him to camouflage himself and enter the jungle with his hunters. However, in their absence from the signal fire, the islanders are left to see a ship pass them without notice, as the fire has gone out. Ralph is enraged by this. Jack and his boys return, singing, with a pig on a stake.

 Ralph tries to complain but their primal glee overtakes them and it is only the voice of Piggy that rings through and impulses Jack to slap him, knocking out one of his lenses. He then mocks Piggy’s voice and Ralph enters another argument with him. 


Jack admits to his failures regarding the signal fire but doesn’t apologise for his violence. Ralph then uses Piggy’s missing lens to light the fire again and Jack begins to hate Ralph. The hunters then dance around the fire whilst they roast their catch, enacting some sort of primal show. Ralph calls a meeting on the beach and he wanders there alone. 

Lord Of The Flies

First published in 1954, William Golding’s debut novel, now a classic, is a stark story of survival, probing the depths of human nature, and what happens when civilisation collapses. As dystopian stories like The Hunger Games and Battle Royale surge in popularity, this haunting tale of a group of young boys stranded on a desert island still captivates schoolchildren around the world, raising timeless and profound questions about how easily society can slip into chaos and savagery when rules and order have been abandoned.


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