-Lord Of The Flies-

Chapter 5

As he wanders towards the beach, Ralph begins to ponder life and now a great portion of it is spent observing one’s own feet. He also shows disapproval of his current appearance, with long hair that constantly bedevils his vision. When he reaches the beach, he uses the shell and the boys appear. 

He uses his chance to berate the boys for their dreadful adherence to the rules, such as the signal fire mistake, the shocking display of nonexistent energy in building shelter, and the inability of many to use the lavatory areas. He then reminds them that there is no beast. Jack agrees and so does Piggy. 


One the younger boys then says that he saw the bears himself, suggesting that is may come from the sea at night to hunt. This terrifies most of the group and Jack uses the opportunity to say that, if there is a beast, he and his hunters will catch and kill it. He then mocks Piggy again, runs off, and most of the boys follow him, leaving only Simon, Ralph, and Piggy behind. 

Piggy urges Ralph to blow the conch again but Ralph maintains that it won’t do anything and might even harm the order even more. He then begins to talk about resigning as leader but his friends say they need his leadership to survive. They then try to get to sleep as a young boys crying resounds over the beach. 

Lord Of The Flies

First published in 1954, William Golding’s debut novel, now a classic, is a stark story of survival, probing the depths of human nature, and what happens when civilisation collapses. As dystopian stories like The Hunger Games and Battle Royale surge in popularity, this haunting tale of a group of young boys stranded on a desert island still captivates schoolchildren around the world, raising timeless and profound questions about how easily society can slip into chaos and savagery when rules and order have been abandoned.


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