-Lord Of The Flies-



A loyal companion to Ralph, Piggy finds himself the butt of every joke and constantly ridiculed for his weight and his appearance. However, what he may lack in such areas he makes up for in intelligence and his glasses that afford the boys the power of fire. 


He stands by Ralph in his motivations and often acts as the anchor he needs to remain a good leader. He tries to make the group see the errors in their tribal ways but it is to no avail, and his death may mark the final burning of civilisation and the takeover of Jack’s animalistic kingdom. 


‘I know there isn’t no beast—not with claws and all that, I mean—but I know there isn’t no fear, either…Unless we get frightened of people’


‘Now you done it. You been rude about his hunters’


‘That’s right. We was on the outside. We never done nothing, we never seen nothing’


‘What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages? What’s grownups going to think?’


‘Piggy moved among the crowd, asking names and frowning to remember them. The children gave him the same simple obedience that they had given to the man with the megaphones’

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