-Lord Of The Flies-

Sam and Eric

Twins that are often called ‘Samneric’ because of the fact that they seem to be almost one person, finishing each other’s sentences and so forth. They are fiercely loyal to Ralph until they are captured by Jack and tortured by Roger, making them into the guards that, still, try to warn Ralph. 


‘“We’ve seen the beast with our own eyes. No—we weren’t asleep—” Sam took up the story. By custom now one conch did for both twins, for their substantial unity was recognized.”’


‘“That must be fun like Bill says—and as he’s invited us—” “—to a feast—” “—meat—” “—crackling—” “—I could do with some meat—”’


‘Samneric were savages like the rest; Piggy was dead, and the conch smashed to powder’

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