-A Streetcar Named Desire-

Harold "Mitch" Mitchell

Mitch is around thirty years old like Stanley, however he is more sensitive and compassionate. (Despite being an imposing physical specimen and massively built). He is Stanley’s army friend, co-worker, and poker buddy. He lives with his mother, who is slowly dying which he deeply struggles with. He is attracted to Blanche from the start, and Blanche hopes that he will ask her to marry him. 

Mitch is a fundamentally decent man and seeks only to settle down so it’s possible. But upon learning of Blanches past and learning of her lies he decides against the relationship. Blanche and Mitch were always an unlikely match, as they bonded over their lost loves. When the doctor takes Blanche away against her will, Mitch is the only person present besides Stella who despairs over the tragedy.


‘Poker should not be played in a house with women’

‘She knew she was dying when she give me this. A very strange girl, very sweet—very’

‘I told you already I don’t want none of his liquor and I mean it’

‘I like you to be exactly the way that you are, because in all my—experience—I have never known anyone like you.’

‘You need somebody. And I need somebody, too. Could it be—you and me, Blanche?’

‘I weigh two hundred and seven pounds and I’m six feet one and one half inches tall in my bare feet—without shoes on. And that is what I weigh stripped.’

‘You’re not clean enough to bring in the house with my mother’

‘Roughly dressed in blue denim work clothes’ – A description of Mitch and Stanley

‘My youth was suddenly gone up the water spout, and—I met you. You said you needed somebody. Well, I needed somebody, too. I thanked God for you, because you seemed to be gentle—a cleft in the rock of the world that I could hide in’

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