-Pride and Prejudice-

Chapter 51

Lydia and Wickham arrive at Longbourn and we see how Lydia is completely naive and blind to her own situation when she mocks her older sisters for not being married. Wickham shows no remorse and even feels he did the right thing. Elizabeth observes that Wickham is not as giddy about the match as Lydia.

Which leads her to believe that Wickham only married Lydia in order for companionship when he fled debtors in Brighton. Lydia, eager, tells Elizabeth that Darcy was at the wedding, which piques her interest as he would be the last person she’d expect to attend such a ceremony. She messages Mrs. Gardiner for more. 


Chapter 52 – 


Mrs. Gardiner replies to Elizabeth, stating that Darcy travelled to London and tracked down Wickham, stopped him from fleeing from Lydia, and offered to pay for the wedding with Mr. Gardiner receding the credit, apparently aware that his held tongue spun all of these events into motion. Elizabeth meets Wickham on a walk but tells him that, as she is his sister-in-law, she cares not to waste energy fretting about the past. 


Chapter 53 – 


Mr. Bennet hears that Mr. Bingley may be returning to Netherfield but refuses to visit him for he believes he hurt his daughter. Bingley, with Darcy, however, visits the Bennets themselves. Mrs. Bennet is cordial with Bingley but refuses to be the same to Darcy. She then begins to tell them all about Lydia’s marriage. Darcy appears to be more aloof but Bingley and Jane are swift to rekindle their relationship, with Mrs. Bennet inviting the pair for dinner after discussing his quick departure from Netherfield. 


Chapter 54 – 


Come the dinner, we see that Bingley and Jane appear to act as if their gulf of communication never happened, with the two sitting together and getting along roaringly well. Darcy, however, sits as far from Elizabeth and does speak to her, forcing Elizabeth to reevaluate his fondness and doubt her chances of moving forward with him. 


Chapter 55 – 


The next time Bingley visits, he is alone, and Mrs. Bennet believes he has arrived to propose marriage, so she makes everyone clear the room though nothing ends up happening. The next morning, Bingley arrives again and shoots with Mr. Bennet. Mrs. Bennet makes everyone leave the room again when Bingley comes inside and Elizabeth, who was writing a letter, witnesses the couple by the fire. 

Bingley has just proposed. Jane rushes to tell her family and Elizabeth is increasingly supportive of the match. Mr. Bingley then tells Jane that he had no idea she was in London, leaving Darcy out of the conversation. Jane comes to realise that Caroline and Mrs. Hurst were plotting against her but she is hopeful for their future as friends. 

Pride and Prejudice

Set in England in the early 19th century, Pride and Prejudice tells the story of Mr and Mrs Bennet’s five unmarried daughters after the rich and eligible Mr Bingley and his status-conscious friend, Mr Darcy, have moved into their neighbourhood. While Bingley takes an immediate liking to the eldest Bennet daughter, Jane, Darcy has difficulty adapting to local society and repeatedly clashes with the second-eldest Bennet daughter, Elizabeth.

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