-Journey's End-

Second Lieutenant Raleigh

Raleigh is an 18 year old second lieutenant, who’s uncle, General Raleigh, is frustrated that he’s asked if he can serve in a specific battalion, as it shows special treatment, however despite this he does the  paperwork for his assignment to get him into Stanhope’s regiment. Raleigh went to school with Captain Stanhope and their fathers were friends. 


Raleigh knows Stanhope by his first name, Dennis. Raleigh’s first name is revealed to be Jimmy by Stanhope , upon Raleigh’s paralysis as a result of a mortar shell, and passes away as a result.


‘How frightfully quiet it is’ – In relation to the reality’s of war 

‘The Germans are really quite decent, aren’t they? I mean, outside the newspapers.’ – the true nature of the Germans 

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