-Of Mice and Men-


Slim is the leader of the mule team whom everyone respects. Slim becomes an powerful ally to George and helps protect Lennie when he gets in trouble with Curley. Slim has compassion and insightful knowledge. He crucially understands George and Lennie’s situation. By the end of the novel, he realises the reason for George’s decision.


(In reference to Lennie) – ‘I have never seen such a strong guy’

‘Maybe ever’body in the whole damn world is scared of each other.’

(After giving Lennie a Puppy) ‘It was nothing.’

‘Slim’s opinions were law.’

(Crooks Description) ‘He looks out for his team’ ‘a real skinner’

 Talking to George about Lennie: ‘calm, Godlike eyes’

‘Calm invitation to confidence’

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