-Blood Brothers-

The Narrator

The Narrator is a unique character in the musical as he does not directly interact with the characters on stage, despite sometimes speaking to them, however they do not respond . The narrator comments on events and communicates with the audience. He also reminds the audience of the mothers’ guilt and the twins’ inevitable death. The Narrator takes many roles throughout the musical, as sometimes he also plays various parts (such as the Milkman).


(Act 1) – The Narrator always incorporates the theme of superstition into his lines, creating an ominous atmosphere whenever he is present and creating an idea of inevitability and the inescapability of fate: ‘There’s shoes upon the table an’ a joker in the pack…’

These lines are repeated throughout the play; the Devil cannot be escaped. The Narrator often lurks in the background of scenes and stands behind characters when he sings: ‘Y’ know the devil’s got your number, y’ know he’s gonna find y’, y’ know he’s right behind y’’

(Act 2) – The Narrator has done his job. After this, ‘Devil’s Got Your Number’ never plays again, with the last time it does play telling us that ‘he’s screaming deep inside ya’ , suggesting that the Devil has possessed Mickey just before he shoots Eddie: ‘As the light on the scene begins to dim we see the Narrator watching’

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