-Blood Brothers-

The Policeman

The Policemen are key figures of authority as during this time period, violence was very common in the rougher areas with the council houses that Mickey lived in, the policemen show up at various unlucky times throughout the musical. At first their antics are fairly comical as they try to keep Edward, Mickey, and Linda from mischief, but later they kill Mickey after he shot Edward.


Mickey and Linda suggest going to the park to fire the airgun. Edward is worried that a policeman might catch them, but is impressed when Mickey and Linda explain how disrespectful they are to policemen.

Mickey, Linda and Edward are firing the airgun and throwing stones in the park when a policeman arrives. Edward is impertinent to the policeman, but starts to cry when he begins to realise he is in trouble. Mickey and Linda are soon crying too.

The policeman visits Mrs Johnstone. To remind her of previous warnings he has given her about her children’s behaviour and says that next time it will end in a court appearance. Mrs Johnstone wishes she could move house and start a new life.

The policeman visits Mrs Lyons and suggests she dock Edward’s pocket money and stop him mixing with children like Mickey and Linda.

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