-The Sign of Four-

Chapter 3

Sherlock returns, excited to tell Watson of his discovery. He has unearthed the fact that Major Sholto died at roughly the same time in which Mary began to receive her pearls. He deduced that an heir to Sholto’s wealth must be somehow aware of Mary‘s situation and the peculiarity of her father’s disappearance. Mary arrives and Sherlock and Watson set forth with Mary to the Lyceum Theatre. 

On the way, Mary begins to explain the relationship between her father and Major Sholto, pointing it out as ‘particular’. She also thinks back to the stories her father used to tell her, via letters, of his time with Major Sholto, commanding troops on the Andaman Islands. She then offers Holmes a piece of paper she found on her father’s desk. 


The paper, when Holmes sees it, shows a building’s diagram with a red cross and the words ‘The sign of the four – Johnathan Small, Mahomet Singh, Abdullah Khan, Dost Akbar’. 


When they arrive at the Lyceum Theatre, all three are greeted by a peculiar man who directs them to another cab, which then takes the group elsewhere. Arriving at the new destination, the group find themselves in front of a substantial house and a Hindu servant greets them. 

The Sign of Four

The Sign of the Four is the second of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes novels. In it the detective and his companion Dr Watson unravel a mystery of hidden treasure and murder.

Miss Mary Morstan arrives at 221B, Baker Street to request help with the mystery of her missing father, her mysterious gifts of pearls and a letter requesting her to meet an unknown person that evening. Holmes takes on the case and the story begins.

Watson narrates the tale that sees the detective tracking down hidden treasure and murderers. By the end, the criminals are either dead or arrested, and Miss Mary Morstan and Watson are engaged to be married.

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