-The Sign of Four-

Chapter 5

Upon arriving at Pondicherry, Watson notes the imposing appearance of the structure and its clear similarity to a fortress or military installation. The doorman, McMurdo, is wary about letting anyone but Thaddeus in, however he is soon made comfortable when Sherlock identifies their connection via a boxing match they had together. He then tells them that Bartholomew has remained inside his bed chambers all day. 

The group walk up to the house and Thaddeus enters, discussing matters with the housekeeper, Mrs. Bernstone. Watson and Mary hold hands and note the presence of excavation in the garden, multiple holes being dug up in search of the treasure.


Suddenly, Thaddeus rushes out and informs the group of a most concerning development with Bartholomew. The housekeeper meets the group, presenting her relief at the present, and then swiftly informs them of a site she saw when looking through Bartholomew’s keyhole. Positively intrigued by the matter, Holmes and Watson rush up the stairs in order to look for themselves. 

They start by attempting to open the door but their efforts are unsuccessful. They then decide to look through the keyhole and are both shocked when they witness the sight of Bartholomew looking back, grinning. They both then agree to break down the door.


Bartholomew is dead, and his room a mess, a shambles of a laboratory. From investigation, the group discovers that Bartholomew has been dead for some time, hours perhaps. The note of the sign of the four is present next to his body. Sherlock also finds a long dark thorn stuck in the side of Bartholomew’s head. 

Despite the development, Holmes reveals that he is nearing ever closer to the conclusion and he needs only a few more bits of information to wrap it up. Thaddeus fears the loss of the treasure and Holmes instructs him to contact the police. 

The Sign of Four

The Sign of the Four is the second of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes novels. In it the detective and his companion Dr Watson unravel a mystery of hidden treasure and murder.

Miss Mary Morstan arrives at 221B, Baker Street to request help with the mystery of her missing father, her mysterious gifts of pearls and a letter requesting her to meet an unknown person that evening. Holmes takes on the case and the story begins.

Watson narrates the tale that sees the detective tracking down hidden treasure and murderers. By the end, the criminals are either dead or arrested, and Miss Mary Morstan and Watson are engaged to be married.

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