-The Tempest-

Act 4 Scene 1

Prospero recognises Ferdinand and Miranda’s love for one another, they have passed the trials that Prospero had set, so he offers Miranda to Ferdinand as his wife. Prospero next calls Ariel to help stage a celebration. The celebration includes a masque, presented by the spirits of the island.

Prospero remembers the three conspirators who have set out to murder him and calls a halt to the masque. He summons Ariel, who reports that he led the three men into a filthy pond, where he left them wallowing. Prospero instructs Ariel to leave garish clothing on a tree to tempt the men.

Soon Caliban, Stefano, and Trinculo appear, foul smelling and wet. The two ignore Caliban’s pleas to ignore the clothing and not lose focus on their mission. He fears their hesitation will lead Prospero to catch them. Prospero and Ariel enter with spirits, disguised as hunters and hounds. The three conspirators flee immediately. Prospero, acknowledging the power he now holds over all his enemies, promises Ariel that he shall soon be free.

Plot Summary

The Tempest is a play about sprites magic, betrayal, love and learning to forgive. The play is set on an island near Italy where Prospero ( formerly Duke of Milan), and his daughter, Miranda, live with a sprite called Ariel and a strange creature called Caliban. Prospero is a magician who created a storm, ( known as a tempest), that sets the scene for the play. We see a plot to murder the King of Naples, a drunken scheme to kill Prospero and a romance between Miranda and the King’s son, Ferdinand. In the end everyone is forgiven and they all set sail for home.

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