-The Power and The Glory-

Part 2 Chapter 1

We see the priest fleeing from the police who are now getting ever closer to apprehending him. He arrives in his hometown on a mule and encounters a concerning response of apprehension from the villagers, who are aware of the hostages taken by the lieutenant. 

A woman, Maria, shows him to a shed where he can stay the night and she produces Brigida, a girl who we learn is the illegitimate daughter of the priest and Maria. Their interaction is practically nonexistent but the priest knows he has to shield and protect her. 


The next morning, the priest performs a service for the town but he is interrupted halfway through by being told that the police are close to town and heading their way. He continues anyway and, when finally at the end of his service, finds the police have completely surrounded the settlement. All the locals are forced to line up and introduce themselves to the lieutenant, showing him their hands, and the priest knows he is finally caught. 

When the lieutenant inspects him, however, he finds calluses and general wear, not at all like a priest’s soft and unharmed hands. No one steps forward to pin him, either. Therefore, the lieutenant takes a hostage and the priest begs to be taken instead but the police swiftly leave town. 


Afterwards, the priest searches for his travelling case which Maria has thrown in the town dump and he comes across his daughter, Brigida, who tells him that everyone mocks and belittles her for being the son of a priest. He feels immediately protective of her but learns quickly that he cannot save or heal her from the upbringing she has had. 


The priest, on his mule, sets off for a settlement called La Candelaria, where he meets the mestizo, a suspicious individual that answers his questions when asked about the way to Carmen. After forging forward to Carmen and crossing a river, he hears someone call his name and looks back to see the mestizo behind, asking if he can tag along as he also wishes to go to Carmen. 

The priest obliges but finds that he may not appreciate the company, as the mestizo constantly plies for information from the priest, trying to figure out who he is. They reach a hut and try to sleep but the mestizo continues his questioning and the priest comes to the conclusion that he is with some sort of Judas. 

He manages to achieve a shallow sort of sleep, with dreams of previous decadence, and awakens to find the mestizo crying on the floor, ashamed of his actions. The priest then tries to get on the mule and ride off without the mestizo but it bears no fruit and the mestizo pleads to not be abandoned. 


The priest, whilst on their journey, gives the mestizo the seat upon the mule whilst he walks beside. He feels that, though he may dislike the man, he is still a subject to the lord and he must be treated equally. When they arrive at Carmen, the priest tells the mestizo to go down one road whilst he goes down another. 

The mestizo is displeased but his condition, from his crying and fever, doesn’t allow him to kick up a fuss. The priest then ponders on what he can do as he knows he will endanger anyone he comes across. He cannot enter Carmen or any settlement for this very reason. 

The Power and The Glory

During a vicious persecution of the clergy in Mexico, a worldly priest, the ‘whisky priest’, is on the run. With the police closing in, his routes of escape are being shut off, his chances getting fewer. But compassion and humanity force him along the road to his destiny, reluctant to abandon those who need him, and those he cares for.

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