-The Power and The Glory-

Part 4

We then change back to the life of the Fellows. Mrs. Fellows is sick and Mr. Fellows is nursing her as best he can. Coral has died and the two cannot bear to even mention her, but they begin to talk of the priest that visited them months ago. 


We then see Mr. Tench, who is working on the jefe’s awful teeth. He talks whilst operating about how he has received word from his wife, informing him that she has taken up religion and has therefore found the ability to forgive him. As je relaying these facts, he looks out the window to the courtyard and sees a firing squad and a man about to be executed, the priest. 

He sees them all fire and the priest tries to scream but their shots are too swift. Tench believes he heard him say ‘excuse’ but it was too muffled and interrupted to be understood. After seeing this, and thinking of the harrowing nature of it all, he promises to leave Mexico for good. 


The mother finally completes her story of Juan, the martyr, and how, when facing his own mortality at the hands of a firing squad, he showed courage and determination, shouting ‘Hail Christ the King!’ before being killed. The boy then asks his mother whether the man shot today was like Juan, a hero. The mother says yes and the boy runs to the window. 

The lieutenant walks past and the boy spits at him. He believes that the last hero, the final priest, has been killed and that the state is left without hope. Later that night, the boy has a dream about the priest wherein he sees him, lying on a table like a funeral corpse. 

He examines and sees the priest wink at him. Just then, the boy is awoken by a knock on the door and he runs to open. A stranger enters and introduces himself as a priest on the run from the authorities. The boy welcomes him. 

The Power and The Glory

During a vicious persecution of the clergy in Mexico, a worldly priest, the ‘whisky priest’, is on the run. With the police closing in, his routes of escape are being shut off, his chances getting fewer. But compassion and humanity force him along the road to his destiny, reluctant to abandon those who need him, and those he cares for.

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