-The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde-

Chapter 7 - Incident at the Window

Next Sunday, Utterson and Enfield are enjoying their ritual of a stroll when they pass the same strange door that has now sparked so many twists and stranger turns. Enfield mentions the murder of Sir Danvers Carew and how his initial story of the trampled lady has met an end with Hyde’s disappearance. 

Enfield then tells Utterson that he has figured out that the run-down building before them is actually attached to Jekyll’s house. 

The pair, curious, try to peer through a window but are naturally shocked to find Dr. Jekyll, attempting to take delight in the open air. He tells the pair that he isn’t feeling well, something that makes Utterson suggest a walk, to help his health, but Jekyll refuses. 

A few moments later, whilst in civilised chitchat, Jekyll experiences a catastrophic turn and suddenly flees the conversation, shutting the window and disappearing. Utterson and Enfield are reasonably shocked and leave without muttering a word. 

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

A series of brutal incidents – a murder, the trampling of a child – leads lawyer Mr Utterson to try to find out more about the repulsive perpetrator Mr Hyde. More importantly, he begins to question how Hyde is connected to Utterson’s old friend, the respectable Dr Jekyll.

Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1886 novel, with its concern with doubles and the ‘dual nature of man’, takes the reader into the darker regions of late Victorian London, as Utterson begins to unravel the mystery and confront the horror of Hyde’s true identity.

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